Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from therapy?

When you work with me in therapy, you can expect to be treated with respect, sincerity, and unconditional positive regard. You can share your feelings and thoughts in a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental environment. You can expect to gain insights into the difficulties you experience and acquire new skills, tools, and strategies to tackle the problem you are facing. You will also receive feedback and emotional support from me as you make the changes in the desired direction.

Usually, change is a gradual process and does not happen overnight. Most issues have built up over a period of time and will take time to resolve. People who take responsibility for their difficulties and are prepared to work hard both within and outside of therapy sessions will get the most out of their investment in therapy. Having said that, I have worked with many clients who experienced significant improvement after just a few sessions of therapy.

How much does therapy cost?


2024 session fees:

Individual Sessions (50 minutes): $175

Couples Sessions (60 minutes): $195

The session fee is paid at the end of each session with cash, cheque, Interac e-Transfer, or credit card.

Fees are increased on an annual basis every June 1st.

Insurance Coverage

As a Licensed Counselling Therapist, my services are covered by several private insurance providers such as Blue Cross, Sunlife, Manulife, etc. As individual plans vary, please contact your insurance provider to find out your specific coverage. Receipts for your sessions are provided to you for reimbursement purposes. Therapy cost is also considered medical expenses for tax purposes.

How many sessions do I need for therapy?

Depending on your goal, therapy can take from a few sessions to over a dozen sessions or longer. Take a client who is having a high level of anxiety. If, for example, his goal is to learn some skills to cope with feelings of anxiety, he will only need 4-6 sessions. If, however, he wants to go deeper to work through underlying factors that cause and maintain his anxiety, more sessions will be required. Ultimately, you as the client decide how long you want your therapy to be. During the first session, I will help you identify your goal(s) and give you a realistic estimate of the number of sessions needed to reach your goal(s).

How often do I need to come to therapy?

It is beneficial to have regular weekly sessions for the first 4-6 sessions whenever possible. Having regular sessions at this stage helps you stay focused and creates momentum more quickly. After 4 -6 sessions, further sessions can be spread out to bi-weekly or monthly sessions until you feel confident in maintaining gains made in therapy independently.

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